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Baby Naming

Welcoming your newest family member.

It is a real privilege to assist families to create a unique, meaningful and memorable ceremony to formally welcome your child or children to the world.
More and more families are wishing to publicly welcome a new life they’ve brought into the world in a personal and meaningful way.  They want to have a unique day of celebration that allows them the freedom to choose how they would like to have the ceremony conducted.
We like to meet with you, as a family, and help you design a personal, meaningful ceremony.  We will talk through the options with you, so that you can decide how you would like to celebrate, and then we will draft a script for your approval before the ceremony.

Create The Perfect Day

An Independent Humanist Baby-Naming Ceremony gives you the freedom to create the perfect day in honour of your wee bundle, (or bundles)of joy. Our fee is £200 which includes an initial visit.
Whatever your requirements for the ceremony, or if you’d like to get the other children involved in the celebrations, we would love to help you.

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We provide you with your own bespoke service.

There are many things to think about - whether it is poetry or music, the role of any close family or friends whether they are legal guardians or 'guide parents'.  There are many symbolic gestures you might want to include - you could make up a memory box of gifts from the people closest, maybe light a candle.  Our experienced Humanists have many ideas to suggest.

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